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Absofrigginlutely brilliant! Where do you learn all this stuff Bob?Cheers!P.S. - Oh, and thank you!!!
Hey Peter, I really hope that this gets resolved for you but I also think that you are part of a minority group with fan noise from the Oppo. I personally listen to more music than movies and never hear the fan (not saying it's not running), even after hours of listening. As I mentioned earlier, maybe you are more attuned than others to this noise but I'm beginning to think that maybe you have a defective/abnormally noisy fan. Good luck! Cheers!
Hi Peter, As mentioned, never doubted that you're hearing the fan and it sounds as though you've covered the bases. I guess some people are more attuned to hearing it than others...bummer! Cheers!
I also have the Oppo and concur with Kal and Sherbona. To the OP, the Oppo is a terrific universal player and a huge bargain, you won't be disappointed! To Peter White, there were a few owners on the Oppo thread that complained of fan noise so I don't doubt that you are experiencing the same thing. Some of it was attributed to placing the Oppo on top of heat generating components and or being in a very confined space. There were also one or two that contacted Oppo...
720p, I hope that you aren't over here just trolling! If you aren't, it's not really a case of upset owners, I think it's more a case of people trying to set you straight. If you really are basing the build quality on that photo that you linked, then I would have to agree with you...it looks like crap. Do yourself a favor and look at the photos on OPPO's site (they are not cgi) or on any of the reviews posted and then read the reviews. They are not just blowing smoke up...
Thank you for sharing your experiences with Dual Discs, it appears that I shouldn't be very concerned about purchasing some. Lots of good music listed there as well!! Cheers!
I was just going to reply to davisfox but scrolled down a bit and saw the reply by vengazor and I have to say that his sentiments echoed mine to a tee. When I was shopping, I stopped by a dealer who had a pair of v.4 100's and auditioned them for over and hour and liked what I heard. A week later he got his v.5 100's in and when I went to audition, he still had the v.4's set up. We set up the v.5's and did some comparisons and it quickly became apparent that the v.5's...
Thank you for that Neuromancer! I guess I'll give some a try. Cheers!
Hello Everyone, I've been following this thread from the beginning and I must say that it has been a real chore to keep up with at times! I've had my 83 for awhile now and so far have not had any issues with SD DVD, Bluray and Redbook CD playback but I'm about to jump into the hirez audio portion. I'm going to be purchasing a bunch of SACD's, DVD-A's and have been looking at some Dual Disc's as well. I've searched back through the thread and there were a few issues...
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