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Interestingly enough, the manual that comes with the V5's still recommends to leave the grills on but I think they are still using the V4 manuals! A definite +1 for magnetic grills! Hate looking at all the holes!!
Please apologize to your wife for me. Cheers!
FYI...from the newest reference catalogue and the new studio V5's "Removable Grille Assemblies: The latest generation of Paradigm®Reference speakers is designed to sound every bit as clean, clear and transparent when playing with the grilles on or off." Cheers!
Thanks for the info boondocks, it's much appreciated. I've a lot to learn! Cheers!
Thanks for that boondocks, I'll check out Discwelder Chrome. BTW, what's DL? Cheers!
Hi rdgrimes, Thanks for the info...sounds as though I won't be ripping anything from SACD discs! Cheers!
Thanks boondocks, What are you using to make your DVD-A discs? I was thinking about using HD-Audio Solo Ultra 2.0. Cheers!
Hi David, I take it from your comment that this cannot be done with SACD discs...correct? Thanks!
Thanks Guys! Informative comments. Cheers!
Thanks for the reply Kal. Cheers!
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