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Hello All, I would like to ask everyones opinions on the difference between DVD-A and SACD. If an album is available on both formats, is there any difference between them sonically or are they virtually the same? What are the pros and cons between the two formats? Is there an advantage to purchasing one format over the other? Thanks in advance for your opinions. Cheers! Brent
Hopefully that will be the case!
FWIW, $499 or $599, it doesn't appear that there is much else out there at the moment that offers this kind of bang for your buck! Just my opinion of course. Cheers!
I ordered my rosenut 100's, CC-690 and black ADP-590's on 4/4/09 and was also told the the 100's were back ordered until 5/1/09.
Thank you!
Are you using version 4 of Parallels or are you on an earlier version? Hopefully the AS-EQ1 will work on Parallels as well! Cheers!
Hi Corpfan, I certainly could never disagree with someone who prefers the V4's over the V5's as it is a very subjective subject. The point that I was trying to make was that I don't think that the two versions sound the same and one really needs to audition them and make their own decision. As I mentioned, I preferred the sound of the V5's but as long as we are all happy with our choices, that's what is important. Something that I don't understand though is why anyone...
I know that this is all extremely subjective but when I auditioned the Studio 100's V5's there was a pair of V4's there as well. Was there a huge difference...no but I did prefer the sound coming out of the 5's and ordered them. To each their own. As for the new cabinets...no comparison!Cheers!Brent
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