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If I download a show from another Poopli user using a Netgear JFS524 switch between the router and the RTV, the speed is consistently 3 to 4 times (300-400%) slower than without the switch. So having router switch RTV is much slower than router RTV. For testing purpose, I did not have anything else connected to the switch and I tried a second JFS524 switch with the same results. speedtest.net was only about 3 to 4% slower when I replaced the RTV with a PC and...
Finally, my procrastination pays off. Planned on spending time over the weekend to convert my replaytv's to the new system, but when I turned on the TV this morning, I was greeted with a little surprise. I'm a little curious about DNNA comment about being "end of lifed by 2006". If that was the case, why did they gladly take my $300 a couple of years ago? And that was even after they flat out refused to give me any credit for all of the monthly payments I had made...
Archie emailed me in reply to a donation and he said that he has renewed the name and it should be up shortly.
Just donated using archdog@gmail.com on paypal. Hopefully, this is not the last of Poopli.
Yes, she is still getting her signals via antenna. So it sounds that she will be out of luck in June with the phillips as the CC is a necessity. Bummer, I was hoping that the CC wasn't going to be a problem. For her, it kind of defeats the purpose of watching recorded TV if she can't hear it. Haven't decided if I should cancel my phillips or at least go and pick it up and have it. But it really doesn't make sense to get it if she will not be able to record CC after June.
When the analog gets turned off in June, will CC only be digital? Just verifying if my mom wants to record to the HDD, if she really needs the magnavox or if the phillips I'm purchasing is going to work for her. Thanks
Good news, finally got my order to go through. Problem is with the credit card company, but I still don't know why I get an email from paypal authorizing credit to Walmart and then Walmart declines. Anyway, at least have one nearly in the hand. Won't open until I've given up getting a magnavox. I know there is not much of a difference, but this is for my mom and she needs CC and I believe the magnavox has the choice of picking up digital CC. Please correct me if I'm...
Has anyone bought one online in the last couple of days? I figured I'd buy the phillips and see if the magnavox becomes available, but I can't get walmart to process either of two credit cards and even paypal failed even though I received an email from paypal about the transaction. Of course, being Sunday, nothing will probably happen till tomorrow and will any be remaining?
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