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Early reviews are damning. Guess I won't be wasting any money on this.
Pretty much thought it was awful. The fight scenes in this were so over the top they made Dragonball Z look subdued. As far as the franchise goes this film was about on par with Superman IV.
There's nothing new about that plot that Bethesda came up with. There was a ST:TNG episode with the same plot years ago, and I'm sure it wasn't even close to being the first.
I use a Surface 2 with a Type Cover. Its awesome.
PCs aren't going away anytime soon. Windows PC sales were actually up last year though Macs were down.
I don't see either console getting a hardware upgrade. To my knowledge the only console to ever get that was the N64 with the memory expansion. Sony will find a way to make Morpheus work with their existing hardware. Not having existing PS4s work with Morpheus would result in a huge backlash that could cause it to be a massive flop that would hurt VR tech.
Not touching anything associated with Facebook.
Normally that would be right, if it were anyone other than Facebook. Their interests are not gaming related, and nothing that they have said regarding the OR acquisition suggests that's going to change. All I'm hearing about is using it as a "social" platform instead.
So much for "hands off"http://www.nytimes.com/2014/03/26/technology/facebook-to-buy-oculus-vr-maker-of-virtual-reality-headset.html?hpw&rref=business&_r=4
Any forced subs in The Wolf of Wall Street?
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