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You guys are lucky. This Netflix offer is not applicable to Canadain customers. BTW. i just updated the TV software as well.
Much simpler settings. But what are the differences on the final PQ?I will try later, I am away for a few days.
I just saw Amazon.com is selling this TV for $2,999. Is this a mistake? I thought the price would drop once they introduced 2014 models.
Did you try Whitesands settings? Also, there seems to be break-in period that the PQ gets better after 1-2 weeks.I have been watching mostly cable TV and I, too, noticed that certain channels or programs looked better. I did not noticed this with my 6-year old 46Z4100. Maybe newer TVs are more suspectible to data source. This is certainly not a fault of the TV, the TV cannot improve badly recorded video signals. Luckily, PQ of most of my TV programs are great.
When I play a video in my PC (VLC) or Patriot Media Player, I can choose the subtitle fie in a separate file. Is there anyway I can do the same in w850a?
I like to understand how to use a TV calibration blu-ray? Do I have to calibrate the TV so one setting for daytime viewing and another setting for night time viewing? Alos, different settings based on contents, cable TV drame, cable TV sports, movies (DVD, blu-ray), etc. I see many people use Wow by Disney. I saw 3 variations of Wow: Home Theater (2 disc), HDTV (1 disc) and HD Home Theater (2 disc). What do you guys use? I see all of them came out on 2010 so they...
I am not concerned about the lifespan per se, a duration of 60k hours is plenty. I ask the question out of curiosity. Maybe this 60k hours is measured by standard setting, not max out the Picture and Backlight settings
I tried the settings from Sound and Vision and I myself prefer Whitesands. I read that the LED lifespan is about 60,000 hours. The recommended setting is to crank Backlight and Picture up all the way to 100%. Will this somewhat shorten the lifespan, theoretically?
Question for some of you who use the Harmony remote: I have programmed an activity which would turn on the TV, PVR (cable set top) and sound bar. Can I add another step to change the cable channel to a particular channel?
I myself use a Harmony 700 which works great for the past 3 years. I started with a harmony 650 and it failed after a year. Harmony 700 is functionally identical to Harmony 650 but very cheaply made. I just checked Logitech website and while 650 is still available for $80US, there is no more 700. The other affortable harmony is the Harmony Smart Control at $130US. The other ones are Harmony Ultimate One for $250 and Harmony Ultimate for $350. I may get one of...
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