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Thanks folks. I had issues the first go around back when I started this thread 2 1/2 years ago. Never could get it nailed down if it was my network.I picked one up the other day for $129 on amazon (got impatient). But noticed a few days later it was $99. Luckily they refunded me the difference.Last night I did get a copy error. Saying a show could only be viewed on the pc it was recorded on, weird thing was it was doing that on all live tv. I restarted the pc and HDHR and...
Oh I see, thanks for the help.
Oh wow thanks man almost missed this post. That sounds pretty cool. 6 tuner for $149 almost sounds to good to be true. The standard price has been $50 a tuner (msrp) for the most part on these cablecard devices.Do you know what it means when it says there will be no encoder? Is that for DLNA? I will just be using it with WMC only.
Thanks for the feedback. My ceton has weird issues like that. I saw that refurb on newegg. At that price I would probably just get it from amazon for $129 to get the 1 year warranty instead of 90 days. After some googling I see they have gone for $99 and even $89 in the past. Those prices would be awesome
How are these things running these days. I got rid of mine for a ceton a couple years ago. I often seemed to have issues possibly related to the network. Is everyone happy with there's? Thinking of getting one for the bedroom htpc's. Ceton's networked tuners thing sucks. Anywhere to find these for cheap?
Still the 5450 huh. The mobo I am using has no hdmi or I would go IGP.
Been away for some time. Whats the cheapest yet viable card for an htpc these days? Mainly for watching cable and 1080p mkv's.
Copy once is the stuff that is encrypted.
I have the one on the right. Love it. Great remote like the layout. Got it with a desktop some years back. Great deal you got there.
Thanks thats a great option. I could just launch mpc manually. I always set the skips to my liking in MPC-HC to my liking so I am familiar with this. Thanks. Sometimes its the obvious that I like to glance over
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