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Sounds like the Intel should be fine for you. If you want to madvr with lav cuvid, which offloads to nvidia cards. It may come in handy. Or if you are trying to get the best 23.976 you can may be worth it to try both and see which works best on your setup.
??But you could add 4 sata ports for what? 40 bucks? Pocket the $160.I agree it's a great board but definitely not worth the premium for a few extra sata ports.
I read this recommended elsewhere but I had to agree.The 6 tuner was really just two tri's slapped together. Two cablecards, two tuning adapters. But if anything fails you have to send in the whole thing.Unless the price was way less probably better to just get two triple tuners. If one fails you still have the other.
You would probably have better luck on a different site. Hopefully I won't get in trouble. http://www.overclock.net/f/74/graphics-cards-general
I have, also rma'd the ceton and swapped cable cards 3 times. It seems to have stopped for now. But I still lose the ceton often if I reboot. Pain in the butt.
I understand it's more about the codec. But natively at least in the past android has not supported mkv. You could get it to work easily with many apps. Maybe that has changed idk.
No need to be rude. Nothing mentioned about mkv there.
The thing you are looking for is the worst part about bulldozer. Good power usage. I haven't looked at idle at video loads but full load was pretty bad. If you could sell the 8120 you could put that towards an i3 or something similar.
I don't think you will get a card with multiple HDMI outputs. You could probably use dvi to hdmi adapters. But for the monitors DVI is probably better. For AMD cards I think you will need at least one display port adapter (possibly active which costs more) to push 4 monitors. A card like this 7850 has plenty of outputs. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150608 But I personally haven't done it so I don't want to mislead you. On some cards one of...
Ok thanks.
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