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Won't work for everything but MPC-HC has a setting where you can set a delay or advance in the audio. VLC has it too and also has keyboard shortcuts for it.
Nah I use unified remote https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Relmtech.Remote&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5SZWxtdGVjaC5SZW1vdGUiXQ.. Which has a standard WMC remote. I tried cetons app, all the extra stuff is kind of fluff for me. Besides basic remote functions if I am going to browse my movies I am sitting in front of the tv so I would always do it on there. Plus most of these don't work with media browser. If one is made for MB I would...
The android app is available in the play store I believe.I just searched "ceton companion" and its there. The real name its under is "veronacompanionbeta"
I think he referred to the 650 which is not released yet. That card is from nvidia's previous generation and has been out for a while. I would hope it would be plenty for madvr, but who knows down the road. As far as gaming power the 550ti is in between the 7750 and 7770 in regards to AMD.
Are you sure you have things set up properly? I'm pretty sure optical is optical. If you have it it should work. What software are you using and how do you have it set up? Do you have bitstreaming enabled? I'm pretty sure what you have should work. When you look at the playback devices from the sound icon in the system tray. Do you have multiple choices for that sound card? I have a usb sound card and I have an option to use it "speakers" (analog) and "spdif" (digital) .
Do you leave mpc open when switching inputs? That may be the problem if so my htpc does weird stuff as well when I do that.
Are you property sending a 5.1 signal with spdif as the audio device?
Where are you seeing $200 2600ks though. Just curious. I know micro center had that sale once. But I've never seen it again. 2 x 6870s is definitely nice performance per dollar. But I wouldn't consider it high end.. Limited vram should be holding you back on some games depending on your resolution. Gpu power though I'm sure you are right there with a gtx 670.
I'm not sure why you have such an issue with this. I know none are perfect. All have had their issues. But it seems every new generation ocz has a major issue. I'm not basing this off of a mythical reputation but thread after thread I have seen posted over the years on other sites. Just because you haven't had one fail doesn't mean they didn't have plenty of issues. Sandforce drives in general when the new ones came out were having issues across many brands. So why...
With my ssd its not about the data. Anything that matters is on my server. Its the hassle of rma, reinstalling windows, games etc. I don't do images of my main desktop. So if there is a couple brands that consistently have issues I avoid them.I'm not talking about spending an extra $100 for the same drive cause the brand is better. With pricing how it is now you can generally pick whichever brand you like at a given price point and performance should be very close.
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