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Hi, I'm new to this. Haven't done 3D before. I have a JVC X900 coming soon and would like to do 3D. I obviously have to get the 3D RF thingy (PK-EM2) that plugs in the back, however are the JVC glasses the best for this projector or is there a better brand? Any help appreciated in advance.
I really can't remember. It was dynamic something it had 1,2 or 3. I changed it from 2 to 1. Pumping was gone to my eyes. I wasn't concentrating real hard. I was there to by a new AVR, 2 power amps and the Dreamvision. I will be going back soon. So I will take a closer look. First view tho was impressive.
I took a look at the short throw version of this in the weekend (OPTOMA HD90). A shop has one on display in a good dark room. I was impressed. I've been reading about this for some time so I was looking for the negatives. Dynamic dimming pumping and high black floor level. Firstly the positives: Damn it is quiet. Instant on and off. Looks great. Picture: Great colour. Great motion. Seemed Bright for 2D. Sorry not enougth time for 3D. Bright sceens looked excellent. The...
^ Zombie, if you could. Can you comment on it's light spill of the edge of frame, motion and of course if there is a 3D improvement?
I won't get one at that price unless the reviews are all fantastic.I agree.Agreed. Far better choice.
OPTOMA HD91 has gone on sale here (New Zealand). I asked if they had stock. Answer yes. Really bloody expensive here tho. NZ$9,999.00 (US$8,000.00).
Thank you Scott for another fantastic Podcast. Hhhhmmm, UUHD. Maybe we will get Manufactures introducing small advances on a regular time basis. So will have to upgrade regularly.
^ Mine did this once before (A long time ago). Been okay since. Think there is a over heating turn off function built in. What is stupid tho is that it should give a warning and do the shutdown sequence in which it didn't. I'm running the Osram now as well. All good. The philips was better (brighter). I'm moving away from this projector soon. Purchasing the Led Optoma 91 plus a budjet JVC (2014 model). Going to run a two projector setup. So sorry guys I won't be here.
^ So no warning message flashes on screen??? Those Warning lights at the back are useless. You can't see them from the front. So even in the same room I don't see them. Mine has only shut down during a power cut. once. I had a UPS but it failed. So now I figure that when or if a power cut happens. I will just unbolt the cover quickly to let it cool down.
^ Maybe? The cut back cage design is letting too much heat escape??? Where are the heat sensors? Do you get a warning before it shuts down?
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