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Firmware update!!! 1122 is out. Any takers? Comments?
Here's a silly question. If I go from 5.1 to 7.1, which speakers do I add?
Would a reset make any difference with regard to Backlight irregularities? I have two light clouds on one side of my screen that I hear are common but I would like to minimize them.
Thank you CC but I am not an idiot. I am inquiring if others are experiencing battery drain.
Sorry for spamming but I have another question: I have attempted to use the internet browser because all my friends are on Google Hangout. There are four choices for plug-in's to install- two are Ubuntu 32/64 bit and two are something else - is one of these compatible? Then, I could use my own hi def camera and not buy the Samsung/Skype camera which would not suit my purposes at all. Has anyone made any headway aside from plugging in a laptop or desktop pc?
For myself, I was disappointed to hear that a bit of clouding in dark imagery was part of being an LED owner but with PirateCove's calibrations, I am very happy with my 65" - I would never have bought the 60" without the Samsung screen. With some minor tweaking the clouding is minimal and being that plasma is dead and OLED and 4K are prohibitively expensive, this is a tv I can settle with for 5 years when I will be older, my eyesight not so sharp and the next tv will be...
Are there any other settings that will compensate? How high should I set the brightness? are there other things I can boost? Can I shut off the eco-sensor? Would that be of value? Thanks in advance.
Thanks - I was using PirateCove's settings which keep backlighting up high - does someone else have good settings that keep backlighting low?Also, is there a 'burn-in' factor? Literally half the screen is lighter than the other half. Is there anything I can do?
I have had my tv for about three weeks and just paid through the nose to get it put up on the wall. My question is this: has anyone noticed any areas of the screen that are lighter than others based on backlighting? I have tried out some members lists of how to calibrate the picture and most keep the backlighting up pretty high and that causes some areas to be lighter than others, like there are clouds on the screen. Has anyone else had this problem and how do you deal...
I am able to view pictures and play music from my pc via my media server but am unable to play video - is there a setting that I am missing? I have enabled WMP to add all the video to my library but it doesn't show up in the media server. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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