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mine is a windows 8.1 64-bit OS
On my HP Laptop (envy dv7), I have to press F10 to enter BIOS and then I only choose between "enabled" and "auto" for USB 3.0. Enabled was default and I changed it to Auto. Not sure if this does the same thing though as what you posted.
^ It's worth mentioning the F5300 is nowhere near as bright as a F8500, even with cell light and contrast both at max (and even with very small sized windows like 1-3%).
I posted these reviews on Ted's website for the 1.1 BD copy and 1.1 media files but I also wanted to post them here in case not everyone checks the site: The original release of this calibration disk (1.0) was already great and more comprehensive than any other disk I have owned so far and the 1.1 updated version has refined that even further by making some beneficial tweaks in areas suggested by users of this disk including myself. While I personally don't mind using my...
In my case, I need a contrast setting of no higher than 90 in Movie mode to avoid major discoloration on a white clipping patttern. However, setting contrast at that level messes with the 10pt controls. So, will lowering the rgb high end controls in the user menu allow me to use contrast 100 or 95 without discoloration or 10pt control tracking issues? Or must the change be made in the service menu. Also, where are the sub contrast or rgb high end controls in the service...
does your website explain what each of the patterns under the color reproduction section is specifically for?
It's not always noticeable, but then the difference between 0.006 fL and 0.009 fL with a bias light or during the day isn't either.Not in my tests, but I haven't checked it very thoroughly yet.In certain cases it can be very obvious (when APL in right on the threshold where the floating blacks start happening). Other times, you can't tell. However, the black level isn't that much darker with BO On, so that difference is also minor.
It's likely the PN51F5300BFXZA, the 2014 build version of the 2013 PN51F5300AFXZA (in terms of PQ and features should be 99% to 100% the same).
gamma zero (default) is around 2.2 gamma on my set (51" F5300)
My PN51F5300 clips WTW (and colors past 235) at Contrast 91/100 and above, causing major discoloration on the Basic and Advanced Contrast Flashing Bar Patterns of Ted's disk. So, I can't simply use the default contrast setting of 95 in Movie mode.If Cell Light merely adjusts light output and not clipping/discoloration, then simply using Contrast 95/100 and Cell Light lower than 20/20 won't help in my case.(Hope that clarifies my previous post.)
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