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It's interesting to me how, if you go away from this site for a while (6 months to a year) and then come back, how you view it. Over the last decade and then some I have done exactly that. Gone away for various reasons. I keep forgetting my login info and as my email changes as well, I consequently have to keep re-registering, as it's just the path of least resistance. The reason I mention it is that I just spent only a few days away due to the holiday and when I...
I'd echo this. A receiver is very low on the totem pole as regards increases in sound quality and buying a new one expecting that you will increase that SQ, especialy with a soundbar, isn't very likely to happen. But to each his or her own.
Not always but in some cases user ID's really nail the person doing the posting. In your case it's spot on as most of what you post amounts to nothing but a bunch of jibber-jabber. You offer nothing. You attack everything.
I guess it's obvious that I have waaay too much time on my hands today.
I had a pair of Optimus speakers back in 1976 and really liked them!!! But, yeah, I have noticed. I've also noticed how when speakers break in, they always sound better. You'd think that at least ONE time the break in would result in an inferiour sound. Go figure.
Too funny. Mild mannered lawer, Steven Jacobson, also known by the name of:"Colorado “Super Lawyer” in 2006. Direct from his website.
I'd say that anybody that bought this would be missing a brain.
How silly. Everybody know that it means that Bose manufacturers speakers that are clearly superiour to anything else currently in the marketplace. The consumer has spoken. Dollars rule. If they weren't the best then they wouldn't be purchased.
Got any data to prove this? Log onto Lance Armstrong's site and tell him that. I'm sure he would be interested in hearing what you believe is factual. Again, somebody with a subjective opinion shows up, posts an opinion as fact, and now watch how defensive they get when asked to provide the data that supports that position.
New Posts  All Forums: