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Wow, thank you all so much for the advice! Will look into these options. I was trying to run an external HDD at 1st but the whole not enough power thing makes sense. I think I'll look into the media player options as that seems to be the best options.
LMAO. That was a huge failed typo lol. I need to stop trying to type so fast....
Is there something I can buy that does that? Sounds ideal.
Anyone here no of a good way to beam movies to the TV? I tried loading movies onto a HDD but that doesn't seem to work. A flash drive works just fine for some reason but when putting a few movies on an HDD nothing seems to show up.
Titan Fall is my primary PS4 game. And I'm loving it. Although I wish playing it across 3 screens wouldn't get rid of the radar. Anyone else have this issue or is it just me?
After seeing things like the oculus rift. Sign me up!Was anyone else here said about MGSV-Ground Zeros? Or is it just me.What is everyone's primary PS4 title being played right now? For me. BF4 is the best thing on PS4. In a few days that will change. But the main game I'm looking forward to playing is destiny.
You are in an XBOX VS PS4 thread. Should the title be changed to "console fan boys unite!?" I'm starting to assume so. FYI, screen tearing and rapid FPS drops are what makes game play experience a good or bad one. This is a console vs console thread. Not. "Yeah, well I like it and none of it's flaws matter. So Meh." And games aside. OS wise both are flawed. Both pretty much suck compared to last gen. The one thing I actually like about the One is the kinect. It actually...
Bhahahahahahaha. That is the one GIF that has made me die laughing. Prefect timing. Well done.BRB, I shall go back to not playing Xbox One.....
So what game is everyone looking for?
Facts are facts bro. Don't be in a Xbox vs PS4 thread if you can't deal with the flaws behind each console. Titan fall as constant tearing and FPS drops on Xbox One. If you haven't seen these issue then your not playing the game on the one. And Cross platform games runs better on PS4. This isn't opinion. This is fact. Buy two games on both consoles and run therm yourself. You'll see 1st hand how bad the lack off AA is on Xbox one.I could care less about resolution. When...
New Posts  All Forums: