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Your missing the point...
I ordered this set for $1200. That's a steal for 4k. Will be used for my PC. Hopefully it doesn't suck. I just won't compare it to my actual TVs in the house.
I think everyone knows cnet tends to lean towards Panasonic. Granted. I tend to agree with their reviews. But after reading then for years it's easy to notice they prefer apple and Panasonic. Lets not forget what happened at CES year.
And he doesn't for Panasonic? Hopefully I miss understood your post. If I didn't. You need to think twice about C-Net and Panasonic.
Unless he plans to sell his set for $1500. No one in their right mind would buy it. Unless he sells it to someone that doesn't know any better. Would be kinda messed up to do that to a friend. lol
There isn't a single reason to get a GT over a ST60,
Fully agree. Makers just aren't making em like they should. But they are improving. Sharp has been doing Full array for a while now. Full array should be the standard. Not that edge lit BS. As for bang for buck. The pricing of the ZT isn't a great bang for buck regardless of it's picture. Sets like the ST and GT series are amazing bang for buck. Heck. Even a 65VT50 for 2K is a steal. But the ZT starting as high as it is doesn't make much sense to me. Then again. Most...
lol. People being bias of tech is something ill never understand. Your mad now. I can only imagine how pissed you intend to be in the next 3 or so years when plasma actually does stop being made. Stock up on your TVs now! You've still got sometime! LCD and led have only been getting better. The sharp elite is overpriced. Doesn't mean it doesn't look damn near amazing. Every single tech has flaws. All of em can suck to some aspect. Wait. Why am I wasting my time with you?...
Thread should be entailed. "Fan boys unite!" The only thing wrong with LCD market is price per dollar. You have to pay a premium to get that amazing picture. To get a great looking LCD you must spend at least 3K. Only 1K for a great looking plasma. That being said. The ZT isn't one of those sets with amazing bang for buck.
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