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It's rather silly to have to baby a tv before you can use it as you intended to. That being said. I use my plasma for gaming and PC monitor. Have been since day one. Never had an issue.
Blinded by arrogance and fan boyism. Or as one would say. "You mad bro?"
Yes and yes.
Which is why I've said this I'd good news for everyone. Plasma fan boys want to stick to their sets regardless of flaws or having the LED/OLED market surpass them. Panasonic getting into the LED/OLED gain means stiffer competition in the LCD world. Prices will be forced to go down. Awesome sets like the sharp elite won't have to come at a ridiculous price anymore.So as I said. This is good news for everyone. LCD and oled have already been advanced enough to out due plasma...
It's about time. This is good news for everyone.
Or it just isn't a big deal....
I'm assuming 360 trollers came rushing in! Oh well. It was bound to happen. Towards the actual topic. As long as ps4 does something for me to be able to play my ps3 games. Ill be that much more into it.
Damn. What did I miss!?
Amazing how much a simple thing like paint color can make something look worth a lot more then its actual value lol. Love the pics
Get a sharp. Input lag doesn't seem like its going to be a big deal and their picture is very nice.
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