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Looks nice. But it's a bit high. Congrats on the tv and set up!
Only thing that sucks about this set is PC text. It's just horrible.
I'll have to try and compare the two. See how I like it:cool:
I wonder if forcing my TV to convert the image to 3D vs the GPU doing it would be a better option?
Same. That thing is made way to cheap. $200 for 60-80 $ worth of movies. Could have at least made it to be something of better quality.
I went from SLI 680 to a Titan. Don't think I'll ever go SLI again.
Forced? How would you do 3D without going into the Control Panel?
Couldn't agree more. I for one think people are just fooling themselves with Netflix advertisements. Giving themselves more of a placebo effect.
Friends or local stores. To many reviews out there are clouded buy personal judgement or bias.
Waiting for reviews to pick which you'll end up buying in the end... Don't think that's the best idea.
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