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I've still never noticed a difference in picture vs a normal Netflix content. IMO people are jut assuming they are getting better picture by numbers and what they read about Netflix. I went as far as having two playstations side by side play the exact same content. One on the defaults and other on Canada via unblock. There was literally no difference in picture. I've only decided to keep using the unblock service due to its title selection. They open the door to a much...
I love buying from eBay. Can get some crazy deals on there.
I'm to much of a max settings guy to play on anything lower. This has become my downfall. But I'm still very surprised in that cards performance. I defiantly didn't think I'd have power to so 3D.
As I said. They were never here.
Not sure what happened to my post. Anyway. I was did say. That's an amazing feat for such a low priced card. If I didn't own my current ring I would have gotten the 660Ti sale I saw for only $200. But I tend to buy fast and regret later
With age comes time with time comes time. With time comes knowledge. Ironically enough. With time knowledge is lost. It's a giant circle lol.
lol. Age ain't nothing but a number!
Unless chad or D-nice has every talked in this thread. I don't think there has ever been a "professional" in this thread to begin with. It's basically people who know things. And people who think they know things. Everyone's a part of that. Including myself.
Maybe. Maybe not. Just as everything else in life. If its different. It's viewed as such. Young can seem naive and old can seem. Well... Old. This is a website. Judging who someone is over a website is just silly.
II guess I read the statement wrong. Some reason I thought you were implying something else. But I do agree with you.
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