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I can tell you 1st hand that your missing a ton of sets. As I don't know where your getting your "facts" from. I can just say they are off. I guess I'll just leave it as best of luck to you.
Seems like your missing about 90% of actual 2012 sets. There are Tons of threads talking about all sets this year. Usually manufacture specific.
I said that soooo long ago.
What's with people saying a Camry is like Bose? Toyota is a dam good brand. A Camry is far from overpriced as well. Some bad examples here.
I just use my ps3.
Bose=overpriced crap. Enough said lol.
I'd stick with the original. Something tells me he really doesn't use them either way. It was an odd video. I'm guessing he's only doing it for the endorsement. As he's talked about controllers before and has always said he prefers the original controllers over all.
Hm. Someone's trying to push his endorsement lol.
You need an iPhone lol. Can't post a link!? Anyway. That speed is way to slow. I'll never even consider a 3rd party controller. I've used inverted. Has its pros and cons.
If your playing BF3 on console then getting a new tv won't help you. That game has input lag built in. It's horrible.
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