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Motion 8 for the center.The speakers do great for movies(They sound great loud).I have only listened to music through Pandora(they do not do well loud with music) on them,movies sound a lot better than music does.Not sure what I have them crossover on.
I went with a small hole.I think a wall plate would have been way to big.The speakers sound does actually get better with age.
my remote is stuck with x's next to all the favorites and will not let me do any thing else. Please help!! SYNC on the MYHARMONY website does nothing
MY gt55 would be the greatest TV I ever owned if it didn't buzz so loud and show every channel logo I ever watched!!
Thanks for your help HarmonySylvain!
How do I set it up so my xfinity box never turns off.I cant figure out how to set it up under the activities menu in the software?? With this new box you have to type in channel # and then press ok,so when I hit my favorites icons I have to hit ok after the icon.Is there a work around for that so u only have to hit the icon?
my ultimate is stuck on the"powering on watch tv screen".Any ideas on getting it to stop?
I had a tech come out and replace all the screws in my 55gt50 and I was watching the Stanley Cup Finals last night at a low volume and I still hear buzzing form about 11 feet away.My one year warranty expired on may 27.Do you think Panasonic will still help me or am I stuck with a $1600 buzzing TV now?
Panasonic 55gt50 2 Martin Logan Motion 4's 1 Martin Logan Motion 8 2 8 inch in ceiling Monoprice speakers 1 Energy s10.3 Denon 2112 Panamax m4300 Harmony Ultimate
I received the ultimate last week and I have to say it is my favorite Harmony remote I've had so far.I had the 1100(my father in law kneeled on the screen two weeks ago and cracked it,thats why I have the ultimate.I have an 880 as well)The Ultimate was the easiest to setup out of three.I have only had time to set up basic activities so far,I think it took it took 10 minutes to setup Watch tv,watchdvd ,watch netflix and set 50 favorite channels.In this new touch screen...
New Posts  All Forums: