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Who did the structured wiring? What you are showing there is top notch builder/electrician work. Thats as good as it gets for them. If you paid a low voltage company to do that they should have told you your options. The cable company should be providing the cable amp. They have the meter to test signal strength and determine A.If you need an amp. B.What amp to use. A new house with new wire to 7 TV's may not even need an amp.
Some of it is fair. The TV for $100 less example is a bad one but it's not the only piece of the puzzle. How did the client come up with the model number? The installation firm gave it to him. "What does it matter?" It matters because every TV on the market won't work. It's not fair that the installation firm consulted for free but thats really his problem. He should have charged for system design. The company i work for does not sell TV's. We spec TV's and the client pays...
You have more/better options. Zektor and Just Add Power for example.
I had to keep checking the date of this post. Did you just say "component switcher"? You may want to visit this website http://www.timeanddate.com/
I keep waiting for the promise of millions of dollars from a wealthy African or the Irish lottery if only i will hand over my personal information. You should contact crestron and sign up for more programming classes or hire a CPS. Attempting to learn to program your clients systems via a message forum is going to cost someone (you or your customer) a lot of money.
This is the best advice i have ever seen posted at any forum on the internet about any subject ever .
I remember your post at the remote central gui forum a while back. I just got your PM there and i responded to you. Just repeating this information here so that others don't think NTDesigns is offline. My guess is that there is some sort of problem with the contact form at NTDesigns. Try their email address or facebook page. info@ntdesignsonline.com https://www.facebook.com/ilikent While you wait for a response... What questions do you have for NTDesigns about their...
Yggdrasill has been a member since 2006 and has 3 posts. I would wager that this is the "alternative account" of one of the forum regulars. Everything he has stated in this thread has been A.Completely False and B.Anti Crestron. (Don't be fooled by the "i love crestron" nonsense. Thats like the racist redneck who tells you how he lets his black friend use his bathroom.) My guess is that hes a rep for a competing product or an end user troll who thinks everything should be...
Be sure not to spend too much time on this band aid. You may get to the end of the upgrade and have the Phast system fail making it a waste of time & money. If the iPad+iRule option will work i would make sure that there is an upgrade path using those products. So lets say the phast system totally dies the day after your upgrade is done. Now what? What switcher or processor etc will work. Just make sure the current upgrade + the inevitable upgrade later don't end up...
I just deleted my response because Amirm has covered everything that came to mind. Whats freezing? Touch panels? Probably because of the consumer networking gear. We had a heck of a time finding a solid solution even with commercial grade gear. We finally found Ruckus and haven't looked back.
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