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i WAS looking at a demo cinema 11a. after reading most of this thread i guess, no thanks! i dont need another headache.
thanks for the reply but wasnt it stated like a week ago that the the black levels on the 500m is 30-40% better. iam just pissed that i made a UNINFORMED decision. i took alot of time to try to figure out what set to buy. i would have just got the 500m and saved thousands, i ended up getting a 151 and no doubt its great. also no doubt that this 10g stuff was known long ago.
i dont like the way it was all handled. i did months of research, to make a informed decision. then after i make a decision theres a secret, that theres a 10g pioneer! are you freaking kiddin this is the biggest news of the year and pioneer and some in the know keep it a secret. this news should have been made public long ago. it has been keep very very low keyed around hear. thats funny the biggest news of the year, pioneer has 10g displays and its a secret. then more...
i know visually the same. it wasnt that long ago i sold the 600m and the 151 is great. but my ass is hurting, now i can stop wondering how would it feel if a elephant got behind me and stuck his freaking elephant %$!^ in my ass. i certainly would have never sold the 600m to spend more on a 151. boy that elephant has a big %$^&
i sold my 600m so i could get the 151 with isf modes. iam not happy.
they are for pure mode. i would recommend a pro cal. all displays will be a little different and the only way to get perfect is a calibration.
even if the settings you plug in are not exactly right isf is still worth it. you can always get a pro cal and that would get your set perfect (thats what i would do) i had the us open on yesterday and put on isf-day (which i dont use that much) WOW! txs to turbe and d nice.
what picture mode are you watching, pure, standard, sport etc. i hope its pure, because thats the most accurate out of the box, plus make sure you calibrate with controlcal to activate isf modes. you can get a high output ( bright picture using them)
a DIY cal with HCFR and a display 2. 2009 built 111. contrast 37, bright +1, color +3, tint 0, sharp -15, gamma 1, DRE off, R high +2, G 0, B +6, R low -1, G 0, B 0, CMS= R -1, Y +2, G -2, C 0, B +1, M -1 for some reason the gamma control is a little different then 2008 models. all charts in hcfr look good. grayscale deltaE values all about 1
P.S in isf-day my gamma curve is not flat. i did the best i can, the 9 point gamma is a real pain in the #%$&. if you can get a nice flat gamma curve with a 2008 built 151 using all -1 for 9 point gamma setting thats bnice and easy. what did pioneer mess up with the 2009 built ones? also i am going to have to go another round with my 151 and see if i can get the gamma curve better. its pretty good, but isnt as good as my isf-night. i will most likely start with dropping...
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