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I am a big newbie on the audio world and really need help in choosing a reciever for my patio. All y'all's help is greatly appreciated. I need a reciever that can handle 2 or 4 Yamaha 5 1/2" outdoor speakers, and a subwoofer. 99% of the time it will be hooked up to iPod or iPhone, so it needs to have a Aux connection or USB? I'm not picky so I don't plan on spending big $, trying to keep it on a small budget, thank you
these ashley's you can get for around $1500 for a 4/seater.... well the wife made her decision and she does not want the ashley's, she is firm now on some "united leather" from Gallery Furniture in houston, awesome seats but are pricey there, anyone know who sells "united leather" in the houston area.?
does anyone know who else sells "united leather seats" besides Gallery Furniture in Houston....?
i am in the process of purchasing some Ashley HT seating... undecided on the 21503 or 38703 the 21503 are full leather and the 38703 are durahide bicast... both seem comfortable, anybody know the pro's and con's on these? by the way, im new to the forum, this is my first post!
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