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Quote: Originally Posted by djbrettb ...13-1 already looks bad enough. Compared to what? All the stations have compression artifacts...take a 1.5 gigbit-per-second HD signal and cram it into a 18 megabit pipe, and something's gotta give (if a .2 is running, the .1 program bit rate is probably down to 15 or 16MB.) Run it into yet another pipe (cable or sat) and it gets a little worse.
Quote: Originally Posted by denyart I have been having problems with 13 lately, but it was with QAM on cable. I'm not sure if they receive that signal from antenna or they get it by other means. Mediacom converts most, if not all Des Moines stations' signals to IP at each station and puts it on fiber to their head-end, so it could be Mediacom's fault. Quote: Originally Posted by denyart FWIW, I don't avoid amplified...
Last I knew, WHO is operating normally, as are all the other stations. The UHF-only antenna is messing things up, even though you're getting lucky with the lower VHF stations. I've always steered away from amplified antennas because they will also amplify interference and increase chances for signal overload to the TV, which will also cause reception problems. A mid-range VHF-UHF yagi antenna should cost about $60. If you used RG-6 for your cable, this should work for...
WOI is operating a low-power translator on channel 50. This probably won't do you any good unless you have an outdoor antenna aimed at the Financial Center. Rabbit ears in a Waukee basement may be too much for channel 5. If you can get an antenna into a north-facing window you might have a chance. Your best bet is an outdoor antenna (an antenna in the attic would probably work, too). Make sure it's designed to receive VHF and UHF, including low-band VHF (channels...
That's an evil thought I've never considered. I wonder, had Pappas been financially healthy and had ABC offered to them, what kind of news presence would they have had, if any?
It could be the antenna. If you have a typical outdoor VHF-UHF yagi antenna, there are separate elements for low-band VHF (channels 2-6), high-band VHF (channels 7-13) and UHF (14-50). There could be damage to the low-band elements that would kill reception of 5 while leaving the rest OK. The low-band elements are longer than the others and more susceptible to wind damage. Some new-fangled antenna designs don't even include coverage for low-band VHF. There are very few...
You have everything except 39 (ion tv). Their tower is near Colfax currently, and you may be able to get it if you reposition your antenna. All of the other stations transmit from the big towers to your north. If you're not having performance issues, a simple set of rabbit ears may just be the best thing. You don't need anything with an amp as close as you are to the towers...an amplified antenna may cause problems.
Nope...same thing in Des Moines.
You probably won't be picking up the translator with an indoor antenna in Marshall County...it's only a few kilowatts. If you can't put up a Yagi and are stuck with indoor antennas, try fully extending those rabbit-ear rods and fold them out as flat as you can. I also hope your window faces west.
WOI's channel 50 translator is on the air. The one receiver I've viewed it on has two 5-1's and two 5-2's in the guide now, and doesn't seem confused...one of them uses RF channel 5 and the other 50. No prob.
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