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Toying with upgrading again:D Here`s what I`m thinking, replace my Dayton`s with UXL`s or build four dual opposed using four more Dayton`s?
Hey guys, I think I see some time off from work in the near future and would like to work on EQ for my subs. Given the system and components I have and the fact that I have admitted I'm not very techie, does anyone have an opinion on which unit I should go with? I figure one of the minidsp units or something like a Berhinger unit. I think the more plug and play the better. Thanks.
Dgage, how do you like your minidsp?
Sorry I've been tardy on responding but my work schedule has been crazy, pretty much working seven days a week so I haven't been in the theater much. I still feel with proper eq(which I don't think I have yet) these subs are a modest improvement over the Rythmik's, mainly just for sheer higher SPL, don't think they are better quality subs though. I still need to figure out which is the best route to go with eq and get that going to fully maximize what I have. If anyone is...
I finally got around to running an Audyssey Pro calibration with the SMS in the system and man, i just didn't like it, sounded flat with just a general loss of dynamics. This morning I re-ran XT32(without pro) and the results improved noticeably. I guess I need to get everything I need and get REW going and see what my measurements look like.
I ordered an adapter cord to use with the hum-x and projector, but when it got here today it wouldn't work, it was hard to see if the projector end was male or female, I needed female, it was male. I said screw it, made my own cord from left overs, plugged in the hum-x and no more hum:) I did the co-ax to the amp chassis also, so no more hum anywhere, thanks guys!
I figured there would be some bumps along the way, so i wasn't that surprised when they happened. There are thousands of products out there all with their own/different application, so to expect them all to perfectly match up is not reasonable, although i do agree about the fans, just put a quiet one in to begin with. This has been a fun project so far and don't think im done with it yet(eq). With guys like Brian, Austin, Andy and others on here, one can find the info...
Initial impression with the Daytons colocated up front is that I don't like it. I know I'm suppose to gain output but I just don't hear it, also, they just sound kind of flat. I know their not eq'ed properly yet, but I think I'm going to put them back to one in each corner and work on proper eq for that setup. They are also somewhat physically imposing also, which i don't care for.
I would imagine so!
Hey Austin, things are going ok, kind of slow. Trying to get rid of the hum and thanks to Brian I about have that taken care of. I still need to run a full Audyssey Pro calibration to see where I am with eq, and now ithat I am going to try to add the Rythmik's it should be interesting. How close are you talking about, directly behind the couch I sit on?
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