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For anyone looking for screening times and locations: http://www.imax.com/movies/m/the-wizard-of-oz-an-imax-3d-experience/
Any hope that they'll ever get rid of the Xbox Live Gold requirement? I think this is going to really hurt their chances of being a major factor in the living room the way Apple is/will be. It seems like Microsoft is always *this* close to tying everything together, but perhaps with the wave of "Blue" updates for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, plus the new Xbox, they'll finally have three-screen integration the way Apple does. I'd love to see that happen, but I wonder...
Didn't see an owner's thread for this new model so I thought I'd create one. I just missed out on all the great deals on the outgoing V700, but I'm hoping this will be suitable for my admittedly basic needs. It will be a few more days before I even have a chance to play around with it but if anyone wants to share their experiences in the interim.... Oh- here's the official link from Panasonic: http://www.panasonic.com/us/consumer/cameras-camcorders/camcorders/HC-V520P.html
I'm in the same boat deciding between the V520 and the V700. Lack of V700 availability might have made the decision for me. Looking back at some older posts it seem a number of folks were able to get the V700 for $399 from Newegg. Unfortunately the only stock they have left is open box for $439.
Victory would be sweet!
I highly recommend bias lighting. If we're just flipping through the channels I'll usually just dim the lights a little, but if we're settling in for some quality viewing then the bias light comes on and the house lights go off. It reduces eye strain and gives just enough ambient light so you don't trip if you have to get up during a dark scene. It also seems to give the picture a little more "pop", perhaps because the black bars around the image seem even blacker with...
While it can be difficult to discern the difference in resolution (depending on screen size and viewing distance) do not underestimate the potential for SCALING artifacts. You want to minimize the amount of processing and scaling in general. If scaling is necessary then make sure that it is being done by the most competent piece of equipment you have. Usually the cable box is the worst at doing this.
What I'm thinking about is re-installing the PREVIOUS firmware version, which I have on a USB drive. And yes, the picture is WORSE than usual SD. I checked the sony support page for this TV but found no record of the new firmware, nor does Sony know exactly when it will be available online here:http://esupport.sony.com/US/perl/swu...mdl=KDL52W5100 Sony tech support claims to have no awareness of the issue but later suggested that I "unlink then relink the accounts" to...
Interesting comment above about Netflix and Amazon now playing SD-quality only. I noticed the same thing this weekend after I queued up Battlestar Galactica on Netlfix. I've watched the Parts 1 and 2 of the Pilot mini-series and the quality was terrible even though it says "HD" in the description. I wonder if re-installing the previous firmware version will correct this.
I just saw this video on Engineering TV- an interview with the Darbee CEO and a demonstration: http://www.engineeringtv.com/video/D...e-DVP;CES-2011 The streaming video quality of the interview certainly doesn't help in forming a final opinion about the technology but I must say my curiosity is piqued.
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