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the problem i've found with lower budget receivers is they don't have pre-outs which eliminates the ability to have a separate amp. I would love to find a cheap-ish receiver to decode all the movie goodies fed from my computer and powered by a 200wpc amp!
I have my PC hooked up through the reciever (HDMI 1) to display onto the television (output 1). Is there a way to allow me to use the computer, display on tv, without turning on the receiver? i though it remember reading the AVR allowing signal bypass from source to display - i could be wrong. I checked under HDMi settings, maybe someone more knowledgeable could chime in.
Can anybody comment on the DAC on either unit or compare the amps between the two?
good point. I can already tell upgrading computer components is going to be a slippery slope - one I'll gladly take downhill into the fiery abyss Thanks tstan
I sold all my AV equipment when i moved to China. Now that I'm back stateside, i'm looking to rebuild my home entertainment system. I'm open to suggestions as my goal is to build an HTPC system. My main source of music and movies are now on my computer or network attached storage (NAS). I was researching the Pioneer Elite SC-79 and realized AVR amps are beginning to include this feature for better music quality. I was considering integrated amps with the USB DAC ports...
Can anyone comment on the D/A Converter capabilities on this model? debating if this is enough for a HTPC. music and movies are primarily stored on the PC or HDD's.
i've not been a good worker bee today at the office due to researching receivers - can't stop researching! How does the current lineup namely SC-75/77 compare to that of yesteryear SC-65/67/68? 100% of my music is stored on my computer/NAS/iTunes and would certainly appreciate a competent DAC. My movie collection is stored in HDD's as well. As my PC will be the main brains of the operation at the current time, are there any opinions regarding whether newer equipment will...
can somebody direct me to where i can learn more about tube amps? Why are they references as 300B, 845, 211, etc? How do i match the output wattage to the recommended for speakets? I've also expanded on my search to solid state amplifiers & hybrids too!
Quote: Originally Posted by jwickers BTW i might go back to hifi plaza tomorrow early afternoon to show the Swans to my wife, if time permit. Will check if there is a shop open with some Aurum Cantus. do they have the full line up of Swan's speakers? I'm interested in the M1B/M3 bookshelves. Anyone know if they make tube amps both 120V and 220V compatible?
Any input on speakers?
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