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1. 1-5 2. Action 3. No I look forward to finding out more and more importantly listening to 96k
This is exactly what I plan to do once I get this disc in my hands I am running 9.2 with W+H through Onkyo 3009 with B&W CM
Would love to hear how it went too!
Different size but have same concerns - I am considering ceiling.
Maybe a celing speaker mounts that come down to same heights? Any suggestestion for ones that are not too ugly?
The story: I've been seriously watching these forum for almost a year now and have reconfigured my set up 3 times. It's time I ask for help Yes, as you see from pictures I am a bachelor, for now. Grear: TX-N807 doing all the magic 7.1 Onkyo speakers that came w/ HT-R530 few years ago FD5020 - is right behind the center speaker in the layout images PS3, 360, FIOS tv - content The Room: 14 x 20 which is not that big, but the vertical space is...
bump Got the Mortgage approved today; Officially in planning mode now! [apologies if this is not acceptable behavior, just let me know]
Completely new place; completely un-furnished. I'm a new homeowner. My: #1 Prioroty at home: Home theater #2 Comfortable Home office The rest of the house will be furnished later. I am not in a rush to move in, until my space is ready for me Here is what I have now: Onkyo 7.1 1,000W system. [older version of Onkyo HT-S790 in black] Logitech THX 5.1 with wireless rears speakers that plug into power outlet A CreativeWorks 7.1 [for office, will wall...
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