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I don't think the Sherbourn is as compact as the Sherwood.
Thanks for the offer.. Sounds like a good idea, but I don't want the extra junk laying around. Just wating for another slim receiver. That Sherbourn looks pretty nice. I don't want to spend much money though after being burned by Sherwood, considering my cheaper Harmon Kardon runs circles around the sherwood.
Finally had to give it up? You were one of the true original beleivers in this product that wrote great reviews everywhere including Amazon.I don't think Sherwood regrets anything.
My R-904N is acting up again. Luckily this time it is only cosmetic. The bright blue LED's flicker randomly. Every day it is a different button flickering. Some days it is normal. Sonically it is still working great. What a piece of garbage. The external VuNow is also still working great!
Thermal Issue, hey? I am still using my Original R-904N with an external VuNow box. Remember my phase of R904n's that had audio problems so I kept send them back and keeping my original one with the broken Internet. Jin kept blaming it on my other equipment. I kept arguing that my original R904N keeps bailing out the newer junk they keep sending.. I asked, "If my other equipment keeps killing the audio, then why does my Original R904N's audio keep chugging away...
Nope.. Mine is working with the external VuNow. I don't want any spare parts.. That sucks that yours is acting up.
Is there at least one Netboxx out there that has been reliable? lol
Sorry, been busy.. Verismo sent me a stand alone VuNow box. It is based on a Sigma Designs Chip instead of the TI. http://www.sigmadesigns.com/ Oh, and it is still working.. The is the longest period of time that the product worked.. Hopefully I didn't jinx it. When Sherwood fails a business partner steps up to the plate!
Well, their Vendor, Supplier or whatever you want to call it, helped me out. I am back in business.. They did it as a courtesy, and we have an agreement that their solution does not make them responsible for my 904n or any related items. If I have any future problems, I will not contact the vendor/supplier/partner. The person that I talked to stated that, "Sherwood should have resolved this problem." I cannot blame them for being firm on this. They did this as a...
I see that Sherwood's website to be off-line for days now..
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