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New Polk towers for $50 after sale and MIR. No wonder they sold out (for now).   http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=82-290-277&nm_mc=EMCPB-042014&cm_mmc=EMCPB-042014-_-PB-_-Item-_-82-290-277&et_cid=6952&et_rid=623790
Mine came with the new house but I think the minimum tech you want is LoE2. Read the other day ... that the builders looking to get a EnergyStar certification on the house are still using them.
Hopefully you checked with headphones and FM-tuner before installing. Since my 607 is perfect (even after high hours and driven hard) ... been watching Onkyo reviews on years releases. Even NEW ones are problematic. Frankly, has scared me over to Denon camp for next purchase (will be larger AVR ... in the $800-$1000 range). I agree with other poster that refurbishing centers often don't do good work. I also think that consumer electronics are more delicate than most people...
Right. No timbre issues there. Just pick it up new at Newegg on sale.
I don't have any. So that's what the AUDIO_TS folder is for. Hmm, I guess the BD-Player can play them. I sure enjoy (recorded properly) AC3/DTS 5.1 music. I've only been able to find it with concerts. To me it's just 3 extra speakers splitting up the work-load and making it more immersive. These are my favorites: Eagles - Hell Freezes Over (1994)  DVD DTS No-SubsFleetwood Mac - The Dance (1997)  DVD DD5.1 SubsREO Speedwagon - Arch Allies (2000) DVD DD5.1 No-Subs
I agree with the others ... get the larger one. You only have to save-up for the difference in cost. I run the larger Polk Audio CS2 Series II. Audyssey says it can run full-bandwidth (at first ... pretty wild with that much sound coming straight at you) but I cross it around 70 these days.
Ya, I tried a nice Pioneer first also, but returned it. It was having trouble driving my speakers (over power-rated I think). It got really hot. Plastic face looked really cheap. Anyway, I then bought my Onkyo 607 new and it has worked great. I've always ran a fan on it. My next amp will be even larger but I can't handle reliability problems. I've been following threads and reviews over years for Onkyo 607 to 828. Pretty sure I will just spend a little more and go ahead...
Ebay Money Back Guarantee:   http://pages.ebay.com/coverage/index.html/?eBPHeader
Not sure how much you paid, or if it's even worth it ... but IMHO, I would contact seller and arrange a refund. Maybe you paid with CreditCard (call CC co.). Never done a PayPal dispute but there's always a first time. eBay is very hit-miss because you never know who you are dealing with. I'm AM NOT saying your seller did this (have no way of knowing) but I don't think it's an secret that sellers sell items on eBay that they know are minor or intermittently defective (less...
Props on taking "Multi-Function Room" to next level ... it's a challenge.
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