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I know ... old thread, but this info clearly goes here (I know it would have saved me some time finding it here after searching). Well, I just hooked up my Powered Zone-2 speakers to my Onkyo 607 for patio/deck area. I understand the analog limitations, but just couldn't believe I had to give-up 7.1 in main room, even when Zone-2 was switched off. Well, here is the fix ... On the Onkyo 607 (and possibly on similar models) the option is Opposite from the logical...
Hey Dude. My 607 and my brother's 609 are still working (even after a botched firmware flashing event on his) so maybe I WILL try a 727 or whatever when the time comes ... as long as neither of ours dies some strange Onkyo death. Were you running an external fan on it? Whatever you get ... when watching Guy ... use an exhaust fan if getting warm. If not an Onkyo, I'll likely just go ahead and get a nice Denon.
Depends on the AiO (HTiB) 5.1 Amp. What make/model is it? Some are pretty lame and limited. Best way is to just hook up everything with HDMI, with the Amp "in the middle" ... and everything just works.
Thanks for the update. Man, I might move the 650 to the main Home Theater room now ... and move the old monochrome-screened 670 to the secondary viewing room.
 Since I also have a 670, I didn't think the color screen was a big deal either until I got it. It's worth an extra $20. I like how it detects motion and powers-up the display but I think they both might do that. There is talk that the 650 has been upgraded to 8 devices now (another big deal). Looks like 600 is gone now and 650 is entry level. I suggest the 650 ... 100%.
No, as a matter of fact ... mine is rather hard to slide off at all.
I only use mine for one or two movies a week also. I don't use the lens cap either because I have the focus perfect. Plus, I can just turn it on from the remote and it is ready to go. However, lens cap wouldn't be hard to use if you wanted to. I checked the filter at about 400 hours at it was fine so I just blew it out and reinstalled it. I have vacuumed and cleaned the dust that settled on the top over the years. I have cleaned the lens a few times over the years (when...
Two good answers so far. If you want to watch the movie in the proper aspect ratio (hint, you do), then ... If you have a 16:9 screen ... unless the movie is formatted for exactly 16:9 (not many are) then you will have black bars at the top and bottom.
Never heard of that one (DTS RA). Can't worry too much about files you didn't create. Maybe try to read this one, and a similar working DTS MKV with "MediaInfo" program, and compare.
Ya, they should probably put a password on that (and any other) destructive menu options. Would help with kids and careless users. As for having the option in the first place, hard to believe that users would try to admin their shares without a computer, but I suppose some do.
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