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Digital (over HDMI) will give you 1080p, bitstreamed HD-Audio, Lip-Sync, multi-channel PCM, and more.
Yes, it's slow. Where are these Shared Folders? Does the SMP have write access to the root-most folder? Do you see the Media Library database (file and/or folder) being created?
We have no USB ports at all, right? I'm trying to visualize this. So, the plasma is hung on the wall, but where is the AC Power outlet? How does the HDMI cable get to the STB or amp?
I'm just glad DVR Compensation is back again (I coulda swore it was missing for a while). Sounds like the 8300 is to slow to process. You know, for what you pay ... you can get a much nicer, faster, larger HDD model DVR. I just told my Service Center what I wanted and they called me a few weeks later to come pick up my Cisco 8742.
Hopefully not Burn-In but IR. Try running some high-contrast "burn-in slides" . That's how I erased it from my Dell IPS-LCD. Yes, surprised to see it then also.
Thanks for posting solution here. I didn't have the problem, but does explain why some people had it and others not. Also, some motherboards (like my ASRock) display a high-res full-color forest scene during post. Wonder if that helps it be in the proper mode?
Glad it worked out. Yes, it's amazing how much difference even a small fan can make. My guess is that your new HDMI board will last longer.
WDTV-SMP has always bitstreamed DD/AC3 and DTS 5.1. Even True-HD but with DTS-HD you just got 5.1 core. Someone said this in that thread a while back: Using a wired network it has the chops to play high bitrate 1080p BluRay rips perfectly. I use native 1080p BD.m2ts files and my highest bitrate titles are 42 Mbps. Those players are at my brother's house so I can't check them. I know it plays most MKV no problem. You can always pick it up at BestBuy and take it back if you...
Personally, I don't mind the extra work to get XBMC working (I've only done Windows so far) because of the pay-off. Sounds like you might also be in this group. Others (like my brother) couldn't care less as long as the movies play. He's also, not real good with computers. Anyway, I helped him install two WD-TV-SMP. They work really well. See the thread here: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1364999/official-wd-tv-live-streaming-media-player-thread
I also do Blu-Rays via MakeMKV and DVDs as straight rip VIDEO_TS via DVDFab. Right, WD-TV-SMP or HTPC (I use Win7-64 and XBMC). There are also small (non-Windows) $100 machines that people load branched versions of XBMC on. See the site.
New Posts  All Forums: