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Thanks. I'm in the Washington State, not far from Portland, OR. I don't even know how much to ask for that set? (And yes, the picture is showing and it's working quite OK for the first hour or so.)
Thanks. I wish I knew what you said It is more realistic for me to get rid of this set and get me a new one since paying for repairs will probably be half the price of a new set. The bad thing is that this KV36XBR400 weighs so much and I'm sure it won't be easy to find someone who'd be interested in it.
Thanks for your reply. I don't know about all the inputs, but it does with two for sure. I have a DVR box hooked up to the AUX input via coax cable, and also Xbox 360 that is connected to the VIDEO IN 1, using Red, white and yellow cables (I believe they are called RCA). In case of the Xbox the picture even "jumps" once in awhile. I observed it more today and it seems to be a timing thing. If I just turn the set on it works fine, well, maybe with a little "jiggle" of the...
Hi all: My Sony KV36XBR400 TV set started exhibiting these very strange signs. Sometimes the picture starts "jumping" slightly and then at times the screen may go black for a second or two and then come back. This may repeat over and over again, especially if the set was used for an hour of so. I know nothing about TV Sets, so I was curious, what could be wrong with it and is there an easy fix to this issue? PS. I tried contacting the Sony customer support via...
Hi everyone: I've started noticing that the ends of programs recorded with my TDC 575D DVR from Comcast get cut off more and more. I was trying to find any setting to correct the time in that DVR but I can't seem to find it. Does anyone know how to correct time there?
Well, that might be the case, but they didn't tell me anything about it.
Hi everyone: I'm new to this DVR/PVR technology. So I got my first DVR (Pace TDC 575D) from Comcast yesterday. I am signed up for a Digital Starter package but somehow I can view almost all the channels without any warnings or nothing. Does it mean that they will charge me for each channel I tune to? Or did they screw something up? PS. The intersting thing is that when I came into Comcast office the lady that was helping me said that she was very tired and was...
Thanks. That was it. Now I need to learn what do different colors in the channels layout mean.
Hi everyone: My Pace TDC 575D DVR from Comcast now has this new green icon. Can someone tell me what does it mean? (see attached pic) PS. I can't seem to find a comprehensive manual for this DVR (except that flimsy one that Comcast gave me) and the pace website is no help either. Is there a link for it somewhere?
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