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"tuned" LG Plasma... you know what that means ? The blacklevel will rise after short time and he has to readjust again.
I just noticed that there havent been much improvements regarding panel brightness. The ST30 for example has a light output of 35 fl...
good question. I also read that...
0.005 fl for the 42" GT30 0.004 fl for the 50" and 55" GT30 0.003 fl for the 65" GT30 0.002 fl for the 50" and 55" VT30 0.001 fl for the 65" VT30 Correct ?
I think there is a difference between the european VT20 and the american VT25... The European measures 0.009 cd/m² [0.002-0.003 fl] and the american measures 0.004 fl.
could be, lets just wait until more measurements are avaible before judging.
lets wait for d-nice blacklevel measurements... he has a better, more accurate meter... for comparasion: chad b´s measurement on the ST30 was 0.0135 fl D-nice´s measurement on the ST30 was 0.0082 fl So, expect the samsung to have more or less the same blacklevel the ST30 has.
when can we expect the review to be online ?
can you post some pics showing the blacklevel (dark room). That would be very nice. Im considering buying one of these sets, but in the past samsung had bad blacklevel...
pls post some pics with letterbox bars and some with total black screen to see the blacklevel.
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