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Thats the point. No ones buys a TV which costs 4000+ Dollars, so no company will have their focus on producing such extreme highend Plasmas. Today you get a 50" VT25, which is capable of producing 1st gen Kuro blacks (I know, the rise, floating blacks etc...), has 3D etc.., and thats to 1/3 of the price the Kuros cost. So, yes, the kuro is still king. If you want Kuro Elite blacks (0.0004 fl) you propably have to wait another 2 years from now, because the technologie is to...
yes, we all must wait since no on has it, so I dont know why you are making this thread.
thats what I expected. OLED will not be avaible in 50"+ for another 6-7 years. So, we have to stick with plasma, which is not a bad technologie, actually a real good tech. It just needs some company like pioneer, who were puching this tech to its limits... I expect OLED to replace small LCD PC monitors within the next 5 years, nothing more. Its a hyped technologie, plasma can provide similar picture quality and thats at cheap production costs for 50"+ panels...
0.004 only on the larg sized models or also on the 51" ? Because last year models dont have the same mll...
oled display on the touchscreen remote or LCD ? Will this remote come with only the 8000 or also with the 6500 series ? When not, will it be possible to buy that remote separatly ?
If the blacklevel icreases 3 times by the original value you will notice it, belive me
http://cnettv.cnet.com/panasonic-vt3...ncol;cnetRiver seams like they have done nothing to improve the AR Filter of the new sets... Im disappointed... the new samsungs look much better: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...0#post19780370
pls post more videos and pictures of the new panasonics. The new AR Filter looks great. Did they improve the ar filter or is it still the same as 2010 sets have ? greets
why arent there any videos up from the panasonic plasmas ? Didnt they show their new sets in a dark room like last year ? Whats about lg plasmas ? Didnt still hear anything from them
Is it just me or does someone other prefer the design of the D6500 over the D8000 ? LCE (Local Contrast Enhancer) = The Kuros had the same feature. It actually works very well on the Kuro, so Im looking forward to this new feature. The claimed 0.004 fl black, is that for the 59", 64" version or also for the 51" ? Will the D6500 have the same blacklevel as the D8000. Does anybody know somthing ? greets
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