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the 1913 has only one component Input, however it should convert that signal to out put HDMI ! Have you Tried another option is hook up Xbox direct to tv and send audio to the Yami Via Optical or Rca red/white ?? try that..But it is nice havin 1 cable goin to the TV though
Thanks" Whoaru99 & mzillch"! I appreciate your response & Well said. I kinda figured that but I wanted to make sure I wasnt over looking a Magic Button on the 7005 front panel or something Lol! , I have a 9.1 wired set up and want to make full use of it . Even if its DS X matrix, I want to hear for myself all this rave about 9 channel Heights/Backs on at same time, that them sales reps and others rave about. Now is it worth movin on to a true 9 channel like the 4520,or...
enlighten me cause im getting ready to dump this thing and move into a 4520 or Elite SC57 or something
Does anybody get 9 channel playback out of ther 7005. I have a 9 channel amp and it wont let me get all 9 going... Am I missing something here?? Its eith the Rears backs or heights 7 not all 9
try the Pioneer! from the Pioneer Website VSX-1022 Spectacular 1080p High-definition Video With Anchor Bay® video processing, the VSX-1022-K converts analog video sources to HDMI for one-wire high definition convenience. For lower resolution video, advanced video processing lets you upscale your picture to digital 1080p to best match the native resolution of your HDTV. With the VSX-1022-K's superior video processing, you know the picture will be stunning, regardless of...
cause its the Video Processor in that Recv, IMO Yamaha's are Junk and have Poor Pic Quality. My Old RXV 765 was like that.. Total Junk!! Very Poor video Conversion and Pass through! I dont think much has Changed in the Last 2 years for there RXV series! Take it back and get a Dennon
Copper is Copper!! I would go for the 12-2 and yes Monoprice!!!
PRICE DROP!! I have 2 CARVIN DCM 1204 4 channel power Amps.. These are the older ones not the Newer class D Digital That sell on Carvin site for $549 New...IMO these are Better..Carvins are MADE IN USA!! There is 4 separate Amps in the 2 space Rack 3.5" You simply can not find a better amp Value anywhere!! that's a $95.00 a channel for 200-300 Blistering Watts Each!! They are in Excellent working and cosmetic condition from a smoke free home!! The Fans are very Quiet...
did you try plugging your amp into the Furman?? you have it going to the wall direct and that can be your Hum!
the tweeter is in the middle of the Black Woofer and it is fixed, it does not pivot!
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