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My Panasonic DMP-BDT220 review. http://www.avsforum.com/products/panasonic-dmp-bdt220-integrated-wi-fi-3d-blu-ray-dvd-player/reviews/4227
As far as the Netflix UI goes, you can only stream from your queue? Or can you select movies by search (like the free stuff)?
How's the the video quality of Netflix? I also want to know if you can search for movies/shows via Netflix, or can you only choose from you que? I just sold my Panny BD35 to get a BD65, but I also own a XA2 and wouldn't mind having 2 Toshiba players stacked and connected to my Pioneer VSX-1014AH-K I also want to know about the stream quality and user interface.
I don't have a BD65 yet. I would assume you should try to update your player again. Or press the VieraCast button
Sweet. Now that Pandora is officially on VieraCast, it's time to sell my Panny BD35 on Craigslist.
Seeing as it's 2010, does anyone know if Pandora is available for the Panny BD65? I'm thinking of buying one but I want Pandora as well as Netflix.
Then why include S-Video and Component inputs at all? I'd just run them straight to my TV.
Question, does this receiver upscale analog sources (S-Video,component,composite)? If so, does it only upscale out of the component out?
Oh ok. Because in some of the reviews that I've read, the reviewers, and even a couple of people on this thread have said I should use 4 ohm speakers. I'm sure 6 and 8's will work. I just wanted some clarification. I'll probably end up getting one, hopefully before the end of the month.
So what's the deal with 8 ohm not sounding good on this receiver? Will it be a problem down the line? I'm planning on buying some Klipsch RVX-42 and 45 speakers which I believe are rated at 6-8 ohm impedance. Can someone help? Am I gonna have to search for 4 ohm speakers for this receiver to sound good?
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