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Have you seen the heatsinks in 4520 ? Are those two tiny pieces of whatever they are made of supposed to cool down 9 x 190W amp ?
BTW, chinese guys from AV199 forum have found a workaround to convert AVR-4810 into a "pure" preamp by disconnecting the amp section from the power supply - LINK And it also helps to save energy - see measurements
Does it matter that much ?
No, AVR-3313 will most probably replace 4311 The successor for 4810 is/will be the AVR-4520 - it has already been discussed somewhere here on AVS
Talking about "sound signature" of AVRs, one more point to consider is that 4311 and 4810 use different DACs: the former uses AK 4358VQ while the latter - BB PCM1791A For my personal taste BBs sound way better - smoother and more detailed
Yes, there is a way - you should turn on the HDMI pass through function in the receiver's settings
They had better added the 24/96 FLAC & WAV playback capability...
That makes sense... *starts looking for network card part # in the AVR-4308 SM*
Why don't AVR-4308 owners experience the network card problem then ?
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