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I am selling my seven speaker home theater system to try something new. It consists of two Swan Diva 6.1s, a Swan Diva C3 (the newer version with baffle-mounted tweeter), and four Wharfedale Evo2 DFS surrounds. All of the Swans are the Brazilian Santos Rosewood finish and the Wharfedales are black. All speakers are about two years old and are in VERY good condition, used in a non-smoking home, and always driven responsibly (Marantz receiver and Outlaw amplifier). The...
Hopefully I did this correctly. Would love some new toys!
Yes, it disables ARC.
This probably has something to do with the ARC output/input on the Denon. With my Marantz sr7005, the Darblet only works with the HDMI 2 output (non-ARC). Unfortunately, the 1912 only has one HDMI output, and it's ARC.
FWIW, I've had the Darbee both ways (Receiver > 3ft HDMI > Darbee > 15ft HDMI > Display and Receiver > 15ft HDMI > Darbee > 3ft HDMI > Display) and both have worked just fine. Try one, and if it works, leave it. If not, try the other.
If your receiver is HDMI and ARC compatible, run your devices to the receiver via HDMI and the HDMI out from your receiver to the TV's ARC input/output (HDMI 2) and you're all set.
Answered your previous question on the "other" forum, but here it is:No, it's not possible to get DD routing external sources through the TV. You'll still get it over optical for the Viera apps (those that support it) and OTA, though.
It is only active when the TV is fed an interlaced signal (you can do it over HDMI or analog).
I use other means to stream Amazon VOD and Netflix, but I checked it out when I got my VT50, and it passed 5.1 over ARC just fine for titles that supported it.
ARC is working for you? Everyone who has brought up ARC post-Darblet has said the feature doesn't work with the Darblet in the chain.
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