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Hi guys I currently have a cheap Sony str-dh100 that's rated at 100W x2 (according to the manual) and with it I'm using a pair of old sony bookshelf speakers rated at 120W, and I'm using it with my imac so I really don't play them very loud. I just came across a nice pair of pioneer bookshelf speakers rated at 80W and I'm afraid to ruin either the amp or the new speakers.. Should I get the new speakers of will the sony amp brake them? Thanks.
So much for that! Well thanks guys I guess I'll have to pull the trigger on the Harmony 650 I've had on my cart for the longest time.
I seem to be having problems with the HDMI control, I set it up with my Samsung DLPTV and it turns everything off but not on, I also want to control the volume using the TV's remote but I can't. I tried to control the TV using the 1120's remote and nothing, any advice will be greatly appreciated.
I had the same problem while watching Fox News and I found this to stop it: On the remote hit "video parameter" then scroll down to "Pcinema" and turn it OFF and ON and you'll see it stops and if it doesn't at least is not as jittery. I hope it helps man.
I have the 72" version of this great TV and I love it,We changed the bulb on September (the 3rd one btw) and I got mine on Amazon through a seller called "TopSellerWorldWide" I think they no longer have any instock but another seller has the exact same one for $99 and is the one made by Samsung so it should be original.I paid $119 for mine so you should definitely look into it. HereI thought about getting the lamp by itself but with toddlers running around and the lamp...
HI guys, I have been looking for a somewhat and affordable way to either buy or make my very first HTPC, as of right now I'm using a laptop to watch youtube viceos and some of my favorite shows online but I think I wat to get into the HTPC deal. My basic question comes dow to, is it cheaper to but all the parts from places like newegg and amazon and put it together myself or just buy a regular tower,keyboard and mice combo. I would like to tell you the features I want...
I'll try that as well, thanks
I actually have the video conversion on for that particular input and it's set up on 1080p but I'll try to see what happens if I switch it off or to 1080p 24. I don't think the tv would help, but like I said, the content is actually watchable and the small screen space that's being covered is not that important. Thanks for the help and suggestions tho.
I think the pc is sending 1080p via HDMI but I could be wrong, and is just a regular windows pc. I mean the stuff is watchable but I just thought there was an easy way to re size the picture.
well the tv re sizes it but smaller with bars on the top and sides...I can't seem to get it right.
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