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My question may sound stupid but I would like to know what exactly adding a emotiva does to the audio, I mean did you get it because you need more power of because you want clearer sound? Thanks!
funny thing is that I turned that feature off as soon as I turned the receiver on for the very first time..it must be something else...
So I went over to page 37 on the manual and followed the instructions and the last 3 options are not highlighted .what can it be?
Thanks man!!! So after doing this if I ever want to play and listen to music all I gotta do it press "signal sel" on the remote and it'll switch the audio and leave the video alone, right?
Well before anything else I wanted to thank you for helping me here, now I'm no audiophile so I really don't care if the airport express is hooked via toslink or just regular rca, now all I need to do is learn how to reassign them inputs. could you point where in the manual is that listed on? Thanks again.
Quote: Originally Posted by bajanjack Actually Sirius Is $36 a year What!!!last time I checked it was $12 a month..
Cool, in this case my PS3 is on the BDin using HDMI, then I should look for the optical in of that specific output to plug my airport express in. Right?
I'll take a look once I get home, last night I read page 51 of the users manual and it just said how to switch but not how to assing it.
That's what I read on the tech specs but how do I do it, just plug the toslink on to the airport express' line out?
The music source in question is actually my apple airport espress connected to the receiver via this to the CD-R/Tape I think.Can the signal select still work in this case?
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