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Hi all! Just got a new S64 (was going to get the ST60, but tales of lag scared me down to this model)... Just unboxed and now it's playing a youtube plasma burn-in video... is there something better I should play the first 100 hours? Also, is there a good recommended settings guide for the S64?
I'm just about ready to get a TC-P60ST60, but I'm a bit worried about the reports of lag. I'll be using the TV for both movies/tv and gaming. Just how bad is it? Bad enough to annoy anyone, or just competitive twitch shooter? If it is too bad, where should I go to stay in the 60" plasma/~$1500 range? To go up to the VT almost doubles the price, and there's last year's ST50, which has better lag, but worse picture quality... Something else I should consider?
Anybody know if there's a way to use this unit where it passes HDMI video through, while accepting sound from another input? I'd like to connect my PS3 through HDMI to the SS-370 for video always, but be able to switch between getting HDMI sound and getting analog RCA sound from the PS3 also (because Rocksmith has too much latency with digital inputs, and I really want to play the game )
Right now I have my PS3 connected via HDMI to my receiver, which then goes to the TV through another HDMI cable, while the sound goes directly to the HTIB speakers... This works great for most games, quite fun... But Rocksmith doesn't work well using the digital audio output - too much lag! It says to use analog cables. But if I use RCA outs from the PS3 for audio, I don't think my receiver can split it and use the video from one input and audio from a different...
I'm just wondering what I should do next... -Let it be and RMA the drive that died -if the syslog indicates the drive is actually probably ok, and I should just preclear it and add it back -If I should be in panic mode, facing data loss after the drive8 rebuild
Been trying to post this question on the limetech forums all day, but it gives me 404 errors whenever I click submit... Last night I decided to add the new EARX drive I'd finished preclearing to my array, so I stopped it. I stupidly forgot to stop sabnzbd/couchpotato/sickbeard first, not sure that has anything to do with this. When I stopped it, drive8 redballed on me. I saved the syslog: http://pastebin.com/uJ9ywDbB Decided to rebuild drive 8 on the new drive I...
Not sure yet, it won't be here until Tuesday. I know I picked it over the Onkyo or others because I did a recent Sony credit card offer for $200 of Sony rewards, so the system only cost me $58.
Okay, guess I'll just hook the HTPC straight to the TV for now, using the receiver only for audio - shouldn't be too big of deal, as I only have one source for video/audio. And as soon as I see a good deal on a low profile video card with HDMI out that I could send the audio through, I'll jump... I'm pretty sure I"ll be able to hear a difference between TrueHD/DTS-MA and the lesser
Hey everyone, I have this system coming in a few days... I have a Sony Bravia TV, and a HTPC running XBMC on top of Linux. I ordered a s/pdif output bracket for my motherboard; my video card only has DVI out, no HDMI. Right now I have a DVI->HDMI cable from the HTPC to the TV for video, and crappy speakers plugged straight into the TV. What will be the best way to hook up the HTSS370 to this? Is it true that if I use an optical cable (either coxial spdif or...
Not working for me either I tried flushing my DNS caches, didn't help.
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