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Try VUDU if it is available in Australia and on your TV. The best picture quality and UI.
I will also blame it on quality of the product. 90-95% of recent movies/shows are just not worth watching, let alone buying. The last time I was in movie theater was when I watched "Gravity" and before that - I just can't remember.
Detailed breakdown here (I compared downstream): http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-57611722-93/netflix-youtube-gobble-up-half-of-internet-traffic/ Color me surprised - I expected Amazon to have a smaller market share than Netflix but not that much smaller.
On my Sony BR player the best available sound is DD 5.1 (not Plus)
I still use Denon 3803. It is 10-12 years old. I got it when it was still current model. My rating is 5 out of 5. I don't love or or hate it - it just works and I have no reason to upgrade, probably not until it breaks down. It is 5.1 and this is what I have speaker-wise - KEF Q75 for mains, Q95C for Center, Q15s for surrounds and Velodyne sub. My TV is Sony KDL 46 XBR9 LCD. No room correction (I don't think it was available at all at the time). No HDMI inputs (at the...
I have the same problem for both of my Sony devices - TV (KDL 46XBR9) and BR player (S480). I haven't updated firmware recently but noticed that "New Internet content is available", went to update Internet content and got this problem. Later realized that no streaming content works either.
If I am not mistaken in the past it would just disappear from your list as if it was never there. Is this still the case? For unavailable discs there is "Saved Titles" section but I see no such thing for streaming list.
AFAIK Amazon doesn't offer 1080P - Amazon HD is 720P. Vudu and Netflix offer 1080P.
They are also making money on rentals. I've rented quite a few movies from them. Their HDX is the best quality streaming I can receive on my Sony BD player (it doesn't support Netflix 1080P). Plus they sell UV titles themselves as well, so probably make some money per each sale.However, after their location was physically compromised and hard drives with customer data were stolen I decided not to use them anymore - I had virtual credit card number on file with them,...
Well not the dime really. I would rent it for, say, $8/season (10 episodes). This seems fair price, especially considering the show is not that good.
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