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Agreed. The closest you could probably get to the VTF-3 in Canada would be the SVS PB-2000.I'd go for the VTF-3 if it's in good working order.
Nearfield means that they are designed to function well when sitting at a workstation with them (e.g. a computer setup), and they may (or may) not work as well for imaging and soundstage for across the room listening at further distances. I don't know anything about the U-Turn turntable, but you should check and see if you will need a phono stage to go with it. However, if the turntable is working properly with your Nuforce amp, then you should be OK.
DIdn't you know that they combined with hometheater.com? They provide measurements with much of their audio equipment reviews--seems important to them. Only Butterworth's not doing any measurements any more for them He's doing his own reviews of different audio products with measurements at About.com.
The Plus and EX use the same driver and amp. The difference is the enclosure size, which affects the frequency response and the max SPL output. So yeah. I have a pretty good idea what the Plus sounds like.
I have no idea. What you probably need is someone with specialized experience. I recommend changing the title of your post to reflect more what it is you want to know. Something like, "help connecting outdoor speaker with transformer." Also, you should try to include a picture of the speaker and components, and also supply the make/model #.
Agreed.I demoed the V473 in home, for use with my computer desktop setup. I was not too thrilled with it. Denons definitely seem a better deal.
Yep. You can have the best driver in the world, and with poor placement regarding room modes and without good EQ, there's no hope. LOL
Well, there is no doubt that people think that stepping up from the PB-1000 to the next class in ported subs is an improvement.However, could be his issue with sound quality is related to the sub's placement in the room.
Yes. Most of the sub enthusiasts on AVS would probably agree that these are the same class of sub.And which "people" are you talking about? I doubt there are more than half a dozen people in the entire world that have heard both those subs in the same room at the same time. JT78681 said he had read that another member liked it better. If you understand what I said regarding listening preferences and room interaction, then you would understand why trusting that some person...
The LV12R and the Plus are the same class of sub. Which you like better would probably be dependent most on your listening tastes and how the sub interacts with your room. As an Outlaw EX owner, I just can't see how the LV12R would be worth 20% more.
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