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Yep. Going from the Pioneer setup, this should be pretty awesome Don't forget to rerun Audyssey.
If you are trying to build and design your own speakers, the DIY forum is a good place for advice.
-35db is not that loud on my receiver. However, with your phone, you should be able to crank it up and get some good bass if you are using bass heavy music. I'd definitely work with SVS to resolve the issue.
50% on the AVR? My Denon works with some kind of db increase. So 50% of the way up would be nowhere near 50% of maximum volume. So I guess it depends on your receiver. Also, you normally shouldn't have to run the sub gain at 100%. What is your make/model of receiver? Next, if you have a 3.5mm to RCA splitter, you could test the sub by hooking up the sub to the headphone output on your phone or mp3 player and playing some bass heavy music. Just be sure to start with the...
Yeah. The PB12 is a little big. But of course that's important for good output Is it better in sound quality than the Sunfire?
Be sure that your front speakers are not set to large or full range on your receiver. You want to use a crossover with the fronts, or otherwise, the sub won't get much bass from the receiver. I'd probably try crossovers of 50hz or 60hz for your towers. See what frequency works best for bass.
Agreed. There are plenty of speakers in the 89db to 90db sensitivity range, yet Klipsch often get mistakenly touted as being some of the most sensitive.
Small speaker systems will tend to work OK in a small room. As for new technology in those speakers, I don't know anything about that. Sorry.
The front soundstage is most critical, and using three exact same speakers across the front is optimal, THE best solution. It is definitely much less important for the rears and surrounds to be the same.
Agreed. The SB12 is a good sub
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