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Note that there is an amps and receivers forum here, and likely even a thread for your receiver.
If you are worried about the bass extension, the Absolute Zero is not the speaker for you, unless you are going to buy a sub.Well, how musical they will sound is very much a personal thing. Kind of hard for someone else to say what will suit you when speakers are both good speakers.
Use the link I gave you as the starting point to learn about ground loop problems.
I can't really tell what it is because the picture is at an angle, the text labels are obscured, and the picture does not show the whole back of the unit. One good (big) picture of the back, instead of as some part of art collage, would help a lot.
If you are moving the JBL L830 to surround speaker duty, you could go with a different brand for the front three. Get the best value you can for your money. What is your overall budget for your upgrade?
What is your overall budget for your new three speakers? That way people can make suggestions
If your speakers sound OK hooked up to a different audio source, probably a ground loop problem.
How much smaller? The V5.1s would be smaller, and would be an excellent match to the V5.2c. The important thing is to stay with the Energy Veritas line as mixing in other speakers in your front soundstage would be a poor timbre match.
Congrats! When you get ready for a new subwoofer, check the AVS subwoofer forum.
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