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Yep. I would go with the Ascends, too.
Then you should go with some SVS subs. They'll be far better than what you were considering
Well, for electronic music, you definitely want a good sub, too. That setup that Transmaniacon recommended with the Denon, Ascends, and Rythmik would be a great start. Then as he suggests, add on the rest later
The drivers are the same, though, according to what I've read. The difference appears to be the slightly different enclosure, which is why removing the tape gets those headphones pretty close in SQ.
They are closing them out. So your best hope is that someone cancels their order.
You might consult the Magnepan owners thread: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1086093/the-official-magnepan-owners-thread
Maybe they will use the same drivers, and they will stick some tape in it like the HD558 vs. the HD598
The Reaction Audio sub will be very superior to the PSW10. Don't mess up the packing on it. You'll want to return it if you can get the RA sub I would email them and ask if perhaps there is one left.
People here aren't typically into expensive interconnects. Try Head-Fi's cable forum.
I'd go with the EMP over the Fluance just because I know more about them. Cambridge Audio can be a good choice as well. For gaming and movies, you'll want a sub.
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