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The front soundstage is most critical, and using three exact same speakers across the front is optimal, THE best solution. It is definitely much less important for the rears and surrounds to be the same.
Agreed. The SB12 is a good sub
Then you want to buy a good sub
Then your best bet is an AVR. Accessories4less.com has good factory refurbished/factory warrantied receivers you could look at.
Just an amp? Emotiva mini-x a-100: http://shop.emotiva.com/products/a100
Cut corners? The CMB-170 SE that I have are great speakers. No reason to reduce the quality.
Well the cylinder supports are metal pipe, and I have a 50" plasma on top of it now, no problem. Don't know how it would do with a 50".
No they don't. Because then they would cost more
Check out my post of this stand I got: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1390240/get-your-tv-off-your-center-channel-with-this-stand Might work well for you.
That's great that you will be able to get it. I'm sure it will sound quite nice
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