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I think it's the SB-2000 that is more similar to the PB-1000 in max output.
That's very debatable. They are both rated +/-3db to 19hz. Have you looked at the graphs that SVS provides? Both subs are down about the same amount at 20hz from their peak. So without room gain, their performance in extension is very close. Not to mention, that with some room gain, the SB-2000 might end up with usable 15hz output. The PB-1000 is down 22db at 15hz; the SB-2000, only 10db.I'm not sure a magic number will help like that, but how did you come up with it? Out...
In that case, the only reason to go with the PB-1000 is if you are using this in a large room that you are hoping to fill with bass.
I don't know how good the L8400P sub is. On the AVS subwoofer forum, the SVS PB-1000 is highly recommended for
A Mackie sub? Actually, it probably won't perform well for the money compared to the best alternatives. Especially for HT usage since pro audio subwoofers are not typically designed for the very low bass extension for movies.Best to research and ask questions in the AVS subwoofer forum before you buy.
That's optimal. Three exact matching speakers across the front is better for the front soundstage than two monitors and a manufacturer designed center channel.However, there's no good sound quality reason to match the sub brand to the speakers. Get the best sub you can for your money.
Then maybe it might be cheaper to have someone ship one to you. But you would certainly want them to plug it in, hook up a pair of speakers, and make sure it works first.
Since you will be moving a lot, definitely a good idea to go with bookshelves and a good sub. The SB-2000 can definitely do a great job with the lower frequencies, negating the need for larger tower speakers. However, that's a REALLY big space. Is that all one big open room? If so, it would take a lot of sub to work well there. I have heard good things about those Pioneers, but don't know much about them.
My understanding is that they were not previewing it, but actually beta testing and offering feedback.I'll cross my fingers that you are right, although it doesn't make sense to me. LOL
Well, we aren't hear to talk about me. Do you have something to say regarding speakers?
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