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The Reaction Audio sub will be very superior to the PSW10. Don't mess up the packing on it. You'll want to return it if you can get the RA sub I would email them and ask if perhaps there is one left.
People here aren't typically into expensive interconnects. Try Head-Fi's cable forum.
I'd go with the EMP over the Fluance just because I know more about them. Cambridge Audio can be a good choice as well. For gaming and movies, you'll want a sub.
Bose Acoustimass is always expensive for what you get compared to other name brand speaker systems. I'm also not a fan lifestyle speakers like those Kefs or Cantons as typically regular design speakers are a better price/performance value. How big is your room?
I don't have the answer to your question, but try the Polk Owners thread: http://www.avsforum.com/t/618137/calling-all-polkies-official-polk-thread
I disagree. Unless you absolutely don't like movies, IMO, you would be able to achieve better than typical movie theater sound with your budget.So if you aren't into movies, then skip the 5.1 or 7.1 and go for 2.1. But if you think you might like to watch movies with fantastic sound, then allocate some of your budget to a matching center channel and some smaller monitors for surrounds.
SVS Sound sells subwoofer internationally, so I would imagine that they can do one with 220-240V.
The Polks should be a nice upgrade over the Energy Takes. However, your front soundstage will sound best if your front three speakers timbre match, which typically means three of the same speaker or the manufacturer designed center. In this case, the Energy Take center will probably be such a poor timbre match, as well as outclassed, that you might have better luck running without a center until you can replace the Energy one with a Polk.
It could also be that the sub was poorly integrated with the towers for the listening position.
That makes sense for music. There are a lot of people who prefer the sound of a floorstanding speaker over bookshelves and sub for music; it's a preference thing. But if you plan on using this setup for HT usage, you are definitely going to want a sub. Depending on the receiver, you can always switch to a direct mode that is just the speakers for music listening.
New Posts  All Forums: