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It has to do with the voicing of the speakers, not their overall quality. Might work. Might not. What you are looking for is a timbre match, so best bet is the same manufacturer in a similar speaker line as yours.
Yes. Another sub, if properly placed, can help further smooth the frequency response.
Just be aware that you will never hear that unless you have a dedicated listening room with room treatments and near perfect speaker placement. Thus, the room correction software EQ in audio/video receivers is important to help fix the sound. So don't count out the role of equalization if you want to hear the music and movies accurately.I would imagine that shipping speakers and sub to you might offset a lot of the savings with a budget that is only $1000-$1200.What major...
Well, according to the frequency response charts above, the Dali Zensor clearly has better bass extension, so I don't why you would make a generalization that is already been disproven by a cited example. From the articles that has the measurements, the NHT:The Dali:That's a good bit of difference.More accurately, the difference between the two is best attributed to the sealed design of the NHT and the ported design of the Dali (both have the same size driver). The sealed...
Google is wonderful for discovering meaning and links. For example, http://www.audioholics.com/home-theater-connection/ground-loops-eliminating-system-hum-and-buzz
Yep. That's almost always a problem with a single sub. The cure is a multi-sub setup. A second sub, well placed, would help a lot to make the sub more even throughout the room.
Note that there is an amps and receivers forum here, and likely even a thread for your receiver.
If you are worried about the bass extension, the Absolute Zero is not the speaker for you, unless you are going to buy a sub.Well, how musical they will sound is very much a personal thing. Kind of hard for someone else to say what will suit you when speakers are both good speakers.
Use the link I gave you as the starting point to learn about ground loop problems.
I can't really tell what it is because the picture is at an angle, the text labels are obscured, and the picture does not show the whole back of the unit. One good (big) picture of the back, instead of as some part of art collage, would help a lot.
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