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Thank you - I will definitely pick this up.
My speakers are nowhere near as good as some of the sound systems listed on this forum. It's my first home theater setup and I like it but eventually I would like to upgrade.I have the Pioneers:SP-FS51SP-BS41SP-BS21SP-C21BIC F-12My receiver is a Pioneer VSX-1121.Thanks for asking.
Which movie is that? Looks good!!!Thanks.
Great thank you - I'll give that a shot!!
Thank you very much for the reply. I miss that app!!!
All of the sudden, the app (iControlAV2)on my Iphone and Ipad does not connect to my receiver. Airplay works fine, but for some reason the app does not connect with my receiver. What I miss the most is the emphasize function and being able to adjust the bass with the app. Anybody have any ideas how to make it work? I really miss this feature. Is there an easy way to adjust the bass with the remote control? Thanks
Please delete
Anyone one have any ideas on this. I still can't figure it out!Thanks
Hoping someone can help - Today I switched to a new router and everything works fine except airplay. It will not work on my computer or Iphone. It was working fine with my previous router. I love this feature. The AV control app works on my Iphone in controlling the receiver, so I am not sure why Airplay does not work. I have home sharing enabled on Itunes and have rebooted the router quite a bit of time hoping that would fix it, but to no avail. Anyone else have this...
Wrong forum!!
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